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Health and Well Being

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

At Pencildz, health and well-being are about learning how to lead healthy and active lives, whilst becoming confident, happy and forming friendships and relationships with others that are based on respect. It is also about managing feelings and having the skills to meet challenges, make good choices and manage change.

The relationship between nutrition, health and learning is undeniably strong: nutrition is one of the three major factors that has an impact on child development. Early childhood is when we need to develop the healthy habits necessary to live healthy lives as adults.

Preschoolers quickly grow and change physically, mentally and socially. Parents and school know the importance of nutrition and they can be good role models. Meal and snack times teach sharing and socializing skills. Small children need to be given child-sized servings for meals and snacks that respect local traditions and customs. Also, preschoolers can learn basic kitchen and gardening skills very easily and quickly provided they are facilitated with such an environment. We at Pencildz ensure that the child stays healthy and safe all through the year and develop healthy eating habits.

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